Little About Me...

I have always been a great fan of Shakespeare, so it was almost a foregone conclusion that my first role would be in a Library Out loud Production of Henry V at the Fitzrovian Theatre, London, in 2016.  My lead role as Henry V was challenging but massively rewarding and fed the realisation that I really wanted to pursue acting seriously. I began attending weekly acting workshops, which I still attend regularly. 

Since then, I moved into television and film, at first with Supporting Artist roles and then numerous lead roles in short films to gain further experience and hone my acting skills.  I quickly progressed to small speaking parts in productions such as Cold Feet, Hollyoaks and Coronation Street. I also secured roles in the film Fighter from the Docks and TV pilot Matopulas, both with Sinseeya Productions. Before long, the lure of the stage proved too strong and I was soon back treading the boards as Alan Bennet in Lady in a Van at the Millenium Theatre.

For over 21 years, I have been a serving Police Office with Lancashire Police. I am a qualified Tactical Firearms Commander. These skills proved useful when filming Matopulas, where both my acting skills and Police knowledge merged whilst portraying Chief Superintendent Noah Burd. Once the director found out about my Police expertise, I was drafted in as Police Adviser for the whole production. This was a really exciting and valuable experience for me as I gained knowledge about life behind the camera, working closely with the Director and cast to ensure that the Police scenes were realistic and accurate, whilst still adhering to the Director’s vision for the show.

My intention is to continue building my stage, television and film acting portfolio and provide professional Police advice to the television and film industry.

How Do I Look?

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